Other Ceremonies


Other Ceremonies

Other Ceremony Checklist

Some ideas that have been put on the table before
New Car/Boat/Home
Lynton will always try something new

  • Confirm a time, a date and venue and contact details (email and mobile) Is it inside or outside. Contingency plans.
  • Find out names of couple
  • Arrange a meeting
  • Will there be friends involved in the ceremony and what role will they play.
  • Find out their story to develop a narrative. Advise it is not a legal ceremony
  • Discuss vows to be included
  • What traditions, rituals, cultural symbols for ceremony. Are there traditional songs, poems, etc
  • Who will do any readings or poems
  • Are there any special requirements, symbols they would like to use
  • Offer suggestions based on your experience to different ceremonies, like unity candle, sand etc
  • What resources will you need – PA, candles, certificate. Depending on ritual will determine what equipment is needed