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Lynton Joseph

Meet Lynton, – a Local Tennis Coach, Bus Tour Operator and Part Time Elvis Tribute Artist. ‘A part time Elvis Tribute Artist!!!’ Are you thinking what I’m thinking That’s right, why not get the King to Marry you or renew your vows. We know you can’t help falling in love, so why not make your ceremony a hunk a hunk burning love.

Lynton is very new to the Celebrancy industry, and all he wants to do is meet people in love who are making a commitment to each other so that he can be a part of making their important day a special one.

Married himself, Lynton is confident he knows what this marriage caper is all about. He played a large role in his own wedding which culminated in pictures on the tennis court he grew up at. Lynton is certainly down to earth, is personal, enthusiastic, professional and organised. He is very compassionate and caring and will ensure your ceremony is the best it can be.
Ironically, Lynton is very reserved and introverted and understands the importance of the main parties in the ceremony. There is no risk he will take over the photos.

A tennis school business owner (, Lynton prepares for his ceremonies like he does his classes. He will remember names and will always arrive early. Lynton encourages a rehearsal to eliminate any problems and most importantly nerves. It is also a good opportunity for everyone to feel comfortable with each other and with Lynton.

Lynton is different. Well, Elvis proves that. But this aside, Lynton is focussed on making your wedding ‘The Wedding’ you want.

Lynton delivers ceremonies as if it was to his closest friends. That’s just how it is. Lynton cares.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.

01. Experience

A Tennis Coach, A State Enrolled Nurse, A International Coach Educator, A Bus Driver, and Elvis Tribute Artist, a Husband, and now the Wedding Celebrant. We have all bases covered.

02. Professionalism

Horses for courses. Lynton will work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of preparing your Special Day. Lynton will ake care of all your paperwork and the legal requirements. You just need to worry about your Big Day.

03. Guarantee

Lynton cannot guarantee great weather on your day, but what he can guarantee is that 'Love will conquer all'.

04. Quality Service

Lynton will answer all your questions, work hard to complete all your requests, and deliver your ceremony exactly how you imagined. No task is too hard for Lynton.